Billionaire Desireth

“Greg Jefferson is a complete, selfish prick.”

Billionaire Desireth Part 1: Wanteth
Desiree has finally scored an interview for a promising internship with the city’s most prestigious hedge fund. After spending so many years in college, she is now one step closer to the job of her dreams. When the CEO of the company offers her the job, Desiree is on top of the world…

Billionaire Desireth Part 2: Taketh
Desiree is finding her new internship more challenging than she had anticipated. She had not expected a boss like Greg Jefferson, who is everything she ever wanted – and everything she wasn’t supposed to have. She’s also fast becoming one of his favorites, and jealousy is becoming a problem in the company…

Billionaire Desireth Part 3: Giveth
After not hearing from Greg for a few months, Desiree was finally moving on with her life. She had to put the dream job and the dream man to the back of her mind.

But Greg hadn’t forgotten their moments shared under the dying sun. When he finally put aside the responsibilities that were holding him back and called her, Desiree resists his advances. Greg is determined to have her and he will concede everything for one more night. He will give anything to have her in his arms once more…

Billionaire Desireth Part 4: Committeth
Afraid of losing herself in Greg’s arms again, Desiree is determined to protect herself at all costs by avoiding Greg. After all, she was carrying a secret that would impact both their lives. 

If Greg found her, Desiree would be lost again and she wasn’t sure if her heart could take it…

**This is a hot and steamy romance ideal for fans of J.S. Scott, Sylvia Day & Hannah Ford.**