Billionaire’s Domination

Passion. Desire. Ecstasy.

Nicola King is close to graduating from culinary school and is looking for her first real job. 

She has big expectations, but they’re dashed when all she can find is a position making deliveries for a local catering service. 

Nicola tries to tell herself that it’s the first step up the ladder, but just days into her new job she is already starting to question that assumption.

A chance meeting leads to a daily delivery to a rich and handsome investment group CEO. 

Jerold instantly takes to Nicola and offers to give her a real opportunity.

This could be the break she needs to start her career. 

All she has to do is say yes.

But there are many things that Jerold wants to ask of her, and if she isn’t ready to say yes, Jerold knows that he’s going to have to insist.

**This is a hot and steamy romance ideal for fans of J.S. Scott, Sylvia Day & Hannah Ford.**