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All He Wants : A Complete Contemporary Romance Collection

Dive into a delicious boxset of steamy stories that have it all including hot billionaires, friends to lovers, alpha heroes and the feisty woman they can’t live without. These brooding men will burn up your eReader while leaving you entertained and satisfied all night long.

This collection includes FIVE stories: Fully & Completely, Billionaire Desireth, Billionaire’s Domination, Served, and Designer For The Billionaire.

If you’re looking for something hot and fast paced then don’t miss out on this page-turning boxset! No cliffhangers, no cheating and of course, a very satisfying HEA for each story. Join the chase and let these yummy men take you on a journey…


His Second Chance

I just saw my first love turned enemy at my best friend’s wedding.
When he lands back in my bed, I’m left thinking,
This could be our second chance at love.
Or a level 10 disaster waiting to happen…

After 5 long years, our eyes locked once again.
He knows what he’s doing.
Same silky smooth voice.
Same way of going after exactly what he wants.
Control is gone.
In its place is just one thing.
Red and hot.
He wants me.
I want him.
My guard is up.
I might trust my body to him.
But my heart?
He’ll have to work much harder than that.

Especially now that he’s given me something special to carry.

What will he do when I tell him?

Pick up His Second Chance if you love stories with undeniable chemistry, slow burn tension and happily-ever-afters guaranteed to leave you incredibly satisfied. Each full-length book in this tempting Love Comes to Town series can be read as a stand-alone. NO cheating. NO cliffhangers.

Just Pretend: An Accidental Text Fake Engagement Romance


Here’s the deal.
I’ll be your unexpected hero.
You can be my fake fiancé.
And…we’ve got 90 days to figure everything out.


I knew she was trouble when she showed up with my phone.
The swąy of those hips.
The smile on her lips when I say something funny.
Sweet with just the right amount of sass.

You’re not supposed to fall in love with the woman you randomly bump into at the bar.
And she’s not supposed to accidentally text you something NSFW.
But here we are.
Drawn together like magnets.

I knew this could end in heartbreak.
But I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine past the 90 days.
Even if we lose everything.
Including each other.


He’s my polar opposite. Mr. Grump.
The wealthy black sheep brother from the infamous Storm family.
I wasn’t supposed to go through his phone.
But one accidental text later, I can’t seem to quit him.

What’s a girl to do when a gorgeous rich guy bumps into you?
Well, you could tell him where to go.
You could also tell the clumsy jerk that he dropped his phone.

Or, you could secretly unlock it,
To discover photos and texts that’ll make you blush.

And when he unexpectedly texts back,
Make sure you don’t forget to follow the unwritten rules of texting.
Be unique. Tease him.
Leave him wanting more.
And…marry him in 90 days?!

Just Pretend is a full-length steamy contemporary romance filled with accidental texts, real chemistry and a proposal that will knock you off your feet. Custom made for romance readers who love fake engagements, opposites attract, provocative texts and happily-ever-afters.

All books in this Love Comes to Town series can be read as stand-alones but you’ll love reading them together!

The Hawthorne Brothers: A Complete Billionaire Romance Collection

Meet the Mouthwatering Hawthorne Brothers.
Provocative. Playful. Rich. Addictive AF.
Dive into this bestselling romance collection and,
Let these protective swoon-worthy brothers entertain you all night long.

Includes the Following Books:

Book One: Billionaire’s Baby Contract
I shouldn’t have read my secretary’s diary,
In my defense, I didn’t know it WAS her diary at first.
But it made one thing clear…she wanted a baby,
And it just so happens—so did I.

The night I gave in,
The night I reached out and pulled her to me,
It wasn’t driven by my plan to ask her for a child,
It was two years of pure pent up desire.

It’s simple:
No relationship obligations,
No financial obligations,
Just a baby.
Or so I thought.

About the time I feel like I’ve completely shot myself in the foot,
I find out,
I’m not the only one hiding a secret…

Book Two: Happily Enemy After
Landing my dream job: Check.
Signing the lease on a luxury apartment: Double Check.
Finding out my new boss is the jerk that broke my heart in college,
And he’s my new neighbor: FML.

Asher Hawthorne is the epitome of a stuck-up suit,
He’s got a rich daddy with endless connections,
And a drop-dead smile that could have a saint week in the knees,
But not these knees, not after he took me to a party in college only to leave with someone else…typical.

Rude and arrogant I can handle,
But when he starts to play nice,
My entire plan goes out the window.
Who the hell does he think he is making me fall for him all over again?

One stupid, thoughtless kiss and there go my traitor knees,
But as one kiss turns into so much more,
I realize that the line between love and hate,
Is blurred by the reminder of why I fell for him in the first place…

Book Three: Breaking The Bro Code
I’m a rule follower, always have been,
Nothing says OFF LIMITS like your best friend’s little sister,
But the moment my lips touched Claire’s,
I threw the whole damn book out the window.

I know, I broke “bro-code,”
And I deserved the punch to the nose I got for it.
I can have any girl I want…not cocky, just facts,
And of course I had to fall for her.

I should have told my best friend,
I shouldn’t have let him find out when he caught me making out with her,
The night before his wedding.

Hiding my relationship with Claire was hard,
Hiding my feelings for her,
That’s a secret I’m not sure I can keep any longer…

Author’s Note to Readers:
-Heat up your nights with this box set of 3 full-length standalone romance novels.
-Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster of page turning heat and off the charts chemistry.
-No cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily-ever-after guaranteed to leave you very satisfied.

Extended Epilogue:
-This collection includes a never-before-published extended epilogue that can be found at the end of Book Three that you won’t want to miss!

Enemy’s Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Second Chance Romance

She’s the one I broke up with.
My first love now turned into a sworn enemy.
They say time heals all wounds.
I say it ripped me a new one.

I can’t blame her for wanting to tear me and my company to the ground.
I deserve her wrath.
I was all she ever wanted.
Then I broke her heart into a million pieces in front of all her friends.

With those pouty red lips and bedroom voice.
Strutting into the courtroom with more confidence than I can ever remember.
She has the judge eating out of the palm of her hand.

Kyra is the kind of woman every man wants.
Beautiful. Smart. An incredible mother.
To a daughter that sure does look and act a lot like me.

But I’m no longer that young punk.
We deserve a second chance.
This time I’ll make it right.
This time I’ll make her mine.

First Comes Love: A Grumpy Boss Surprise Baby Romance

Office Rule #1: Don’t fall in love with the woman you’re interviewing.
Office Rule #2: I’m the boss so I make, and break, the rules.

Hobnobbing with staff is against company policy.
Besides, a man in my position needs to be ruthless.
Who cares if I’m known around the office as the brooding, difficult boss.
As the President of my family’s empire,
I’ve got more important things to do than sit in on interviews.

Then she walked in the room.
Once I laid my eyes on her, I’m filled with a throbbing intensity.
A true showstopper.
Hot. Smart. Sassy.

She’s my dream woman.
But she’s also off limits.
Duty calls.
My family desperately needs my TV project to be successful.
We can’t afford another juicy scandal on our hands.
That new forbidden fantasy will have to remain just that.

One thing is for sure.
She’s full of fire.
A fire that I can’t resist.

Doing the wrong thing never felt so thrilling.
Which makes the temptation, and the risk, even hotter.

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