Just Pretend


Just Pretend: An Accidental Text Fake Engagement Romance (Love Comes To Town Book 3)

Here’s the deal.
I’ll be your unexpected hero.
You can be my fake fiancé.
And…we’ve got 90 days to figure everything out.


I knew she was trouble when she showed up with my phone.
The swąy of those hips.
The smile on her lips when I say something funny.
Sweet with just the right amount of sass.

You’re not supposed to fall in love with the woman you randomly bump into at the bar.
And she’s not supposed to accidentally text you something NSFW.
But here we are.
Drawn together like magnets.

I knew this could end in heartbreak.
But I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine past the 90 days.
Even if we lose everything.
Including each other.


He’s my polar opposite. Mr. Grump.
The wealthy black sheep brother from the infamous Storm family.
I wasn’t supposed to go through his phone.
But one accidental text later, I can’t seem to quit him.

What’s a girl to do when a gorgeous rich guy bumps into you?
Well, you could tell him where to go.
You could also tell the clumsy jerk that he dropped his phone.

Or, you could secretly unlock it,
To discover photos and texts that’ll make you blush.

And when he unexpectedly texts back,
Make sure you don’t forget to follow the unwritten rules of texting.
Be unique. Tease him.
Leave him wanting more.
And…marry him in 90 days?!

Just Pretend is a full-length steamy contemporary romance filled with accidental texts, real chemistry and a proposal that will knock you off your feet. Custom made for romance readers who love fake engagements, opposites attract, provocative texts and happily-ever-afters.

All books in this Love Comes to Town series can be read as stand-alones but you’ll love reading them together!