Ashlee Price

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Breaking The Bro Code (Hawthorne Brothers Book 3)

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I’m a rule follower, always have been,
Nothing says OFF LIMITS like your best friend’s little sister,
But the moment my lips touched Claire’s,
I threw the whole damn book out the window.

I know, I broke “bro-code,”
And I deserved the punch to the nose I got for it.
I can have any girl I want…not cocky, just facts,
And of course I had to fall for her.
Kissing her was an accident,
Hooking-up with her was a mistake,
Well…is it still a mistake if you did it a few times?
I know I’m an idiot, I should have told him,
I shouldn’t have let him find out when he caught me making out with her,
The night before his wedding.

Hiding my relationship with Claire was hard,
Hiding my feelings for her,
That’s a secret I’m not sure I can keep any longer.


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