The Bosses


The Bosses: Underworld Mafia Romance Box Set

Stories so good they’re criminal!

Heat up your night and get lost in three full-length novels filled with intrigue, suspense, confident men and the sassy women they’ll stop at nothing to protect.


The boss gave me one final job…take her life and then move on with mine.
It should’ve been easy.
I’m an assassin for hire, after all.
Find the target. Pull the trigger. Done deal.
Except that I can’t.
I wanted her the moment I saw her.
I’m obsessed with those bright eyes and killer curves.
Her full lips, and those long gorgeous legs.
Allie knows too much but she doesn’t deserve to die.
She deserves justice, despite the secrets she’s keeping from me.
Her enemies are relentless.
But I’m ruthless and won’t let them get to her.
I’m the only man who can protect her.
I will save her, even if it kills me.


I Want Her.
I’ve Always Wanted Her.
I was never a man capable of love.
No woman was able to hold my attention for too long.
Until she came along…again.
The girl I’ve been in love with since I was ten.
So what if her guard is up?
The chemistry between us is undeniable.
She’s everything I want in a woman.
But the fire behind her brown eyes tells a different story.
She’s on a mission to find her father’s killer.
And I’m the only one who can help.
I’ll do anything I can to protect her.
And the baby she’s carrying.


I’m not a family man.
I’m nobody’s happily ever after.
But here I am with a fake wife, a baby that isn’t mine,
And no memory of my past.
I never expected to find a baby on my doorstep.
But as a doctor, I have a duty.
I’ve been there as an orphan.
I know exactly what it’s like to be afraid and alone in this world.
The moment Triss stumbled into my life,
I recognized that same fear in her eyes.
She was running from someone.
Together we formed a plan.
We’d care for this baby.
I didn’t mean for this to become real.
I didn’t mean to crave her, to need her, to love her.
As the missing pieces of my memory fall into place,
There’s one thing I know for sure.
I’ll protect her with everything I’ve got.
Even if it means protecting her from myself.

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***All Books In This Enticing Series Can Be Read As A Standalone.