Billionaire’s Baby Contract


Billionaire’s Baby Contract (Hawthorne Brothers Book 1)

I shouldn’t have read my secretary’s diary,
In my defense, I didn’t know it WAS her diary at first.
But it made one thing clear…she wanted a baby,
And it just so happens—so did I.

The night I gave in,
The night I reached out and pulled her to me,
It wasn’t driven by my plan to ask her for a child,
It was two years of pure pent up desire.

For two years I’d watched shy, reserved Stella work for me,
She’s the only woman that I’ve let in my life,
The only woman who isn’t afraid to call me on my BS.
The only woman I want to be the mother of my child—but she deserves better.

I’ve spent my life taking over my father’s company,
I’m what some would call—married to my career.
But the fact is, I want my own heir to pass my business on to,
And she’s my perfect opportunity.

It’s simple:
No relationship obligations,
No financial obligations,
Just a baby.
Or so I thought…

Hiding my feelings for her and the diary confession I found is more than just a complication,
About the time I feel like I’ve completely shot myself in the foot,
I find out,
I’m not the only one hiding a secret.

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