Designer For the Billionaire


I’d have to be a moron not to recognize the city’s latest hot commodity. And I’m no idiot…

Book 1: Propositioned

Book 2: A Fashionable Arrangement

Book 3: A Cut Above

Book 4: The Heart’s Pattern


When Grazia Fabiola comes to the attention of billionaire Marshall Levitt, she doesn’t realize her life is about to change.

Marshall is used to getting what he wants, and if he has to fight for it, then all the better. 

A self-made man, he appreciates that not everything in this life comes easily—and Grazia is the epitome of unapproachable.

But the fight makes it so much sweeter, and when Marshall wants something, or someone, failure isn’t an option.

Grazia’s life is complicated, and where there are complications, Marshall knows there’s an in.

He’ll do whatever he has to do get Grazia into his bed; and with billions of dollars at his fingertips, he can do anything to get what he wants.

Being at the center of a silken web, Grazia has to come to terms with this whole new world, because when a billionaire wants you and will do anything to have you, suddenly nothing makes sense, and a trip down the rabbit hole seems like a vacation…

**Complete Series. No Cliffhangers.** This is a hot and steamy romance ideal for fans of J.S. Scott, Sylvia Day & Hannah Ford.