His Secret Baby

Why be an angel when the bad boy always gets the girl?


I can’t stop thinking about her.
Curves that drive a man crazy and a smile so sweet I’ll commit every sin just to have her. 

Yeah…the type of sin that comes with punishment.
I have it good now but if I screw this situation up, it’s not just me who’ll pay the price.
She’s a flame and I’m a fu$ken moth. I won’t leave unless she pushes me away.
My revenge might break us both.


If my new business fails I’ll lose everything.

If I break it off with Riker, it’s only my heart that will die.
The solution is to push him away. I just hope I survive what he does to make me pay.
I have to survive–it’s not just me anymore. 

It’s me, and Riker’s baby.

What will I do if he finds out? What will I do if he doesn’t care?

***His Secret Baby is a steamy, stand-alone BDSM Revenge Wedding romance with a HEA. This guilty pleasure is for readers who like their bad boys hot, dark and ready to take the woman they want…to heck with the consequences!***