Ashlee Price

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Enemy’s Secret: An Enemies to Lovers Second Chance Romance (Love Comes To Town Book 2)

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She’s the one I broke up with.
My first love now turned into a sworn enemy.
They say time heals all wounds.
I say it ripped me a new one.

I can’t blame her for wanting to tear me and my company to the ground.
I deserve her wrath.
I was all she ever wanted.
Then I broke her heart into a million pieces in front of all her friends.

With those pouty red lips and bedroom voice.
Strutting into the courtroom with more confidence than I can ever remember.
She has the judge eating out of the palm of her hand.

Kyra is the kind of woman every man wants.
Beautiful. Smart. An incredible mother.
To a daughter that sure does look and act a lot like me.

But I’m no longer that young punk.
We deserve a second chance.
This time I’ll make it right.
This time I’ll make her mine.


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