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First Comes Love: A Grumpy Boss Surprise Baby Romance (Love Comes To Town Book 1)

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Office Rule #1: Don’t fall in love with the woman you’re interviewing.
Office Rule #2: I’m the boss so I make, and break, the rules.

Hobnobbing with staff is against company policy.
Besides, a man in my position needs to be ruthless.
Who cares if I’m known around the office as the brooding, difficult boss.
As the President of my family’s empire,
I’ve got more important things to do than sit in on interviews.

Then she walked in the room.
Once I laid my eyes on her, I’m filled with a throbbing intensity.
A true showstopper.
Hot. Smart. Sassy.

She’s my dream woman.
But she’s also off limits.
Duty calls.
My family desperately needs my TV project to be successful.
We can’t afford another juicy scandal on our hands.
That new forbidden fantasy will have to remain just that.

One thing is for sure.
She’s full of fire.
A fire that I can’t resist.

Doing the wrong thing never felt so thrilling.
Which makes the temptation, and the risk, even hotter.


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