Ashlee Price

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His Rules: A Contemporary Romance Anthology

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Heat up your nights with this box set of 4 full-length standalone romance novels.

Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride that will heat up and the atmosphere will crackle with tension. Contains the following books

Book 1: First Comes Love
Office Rule #1: Don’t fall in love with the woman you’re interviewing.
Office Rule #2: I’m the boss, so I make and break the rules at my discretion.

Book 2: Enemy’s Secret
She’s the one I broke up with.
My first love has now become a sworn enemy.
It is said that time heals all wounds.
I say she just gave me a new one.

Book 3: Just Pretend
Here’s the deal.
I will be your unexpected hero.
You can be my supposed fiancé.
And… we have 90 days to find a solution.

Book 4: His Second Chance
I just saw my first love, who is now my enemy, at my best friend’s wedding.
When he lands back in my bed, I think this could be our second chance at love.
Or a huge catastrophe just waiting to break out.

Ashlee Price’s books will delight fans of authors such as Riley Flowers, Sarah J. Brooks, Anna Rush, Katrin E. Buck, K.C. Crowne, Anna May and Leander Rose recommended.


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