Ashlee Price

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His Surprise Package: A Marriage Mistake Romance

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Am I really married to a billionaire!?
This must be some mistake.
Or is it…

Being married to a handsome, chiseled, rich hottie is every woman’s dream come true.
But playing the role of Aaron Walsh’s wife felt more like a nightmare.
He’s my husband but why is he so ice cold?
I spend most of my time trying to figure him out.
Yet, there we were, peeling back the layers of our true intentions.
Discovering that no matter how hard we try, we can’t deny our magnetic attraction.
Maybe we can be more than just married on paper.
Despite the odds stacked against us.

After all, a twist of fate brought us together.
And things are getting real between us. Fast.
Actually, this could turn out to be my favorite mistake ever.


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