I can’t stop thinking about that Bad Boy.


Jesse Olson has a full plate. 

When her father dies suddenly of an aneurism, her whole world seems to come to a stop. 

But with a bistro to run by herself and one of her special coffee blends getting a lot of attention in the city, Jesse is busier than ever. 

She doesn’t have time to do much of anything except work and sleep, and she isn’t thinking about anything else – until she meets a rude businessman with flashing dark eyes and a wicked tongue.


Scott comes to the bistro for one reason, but changes his mind when he meets the young owner and decides that he can find something else that he wants there. 

When Jesse is quick to put him in his place, it leaves Scott baffled. 

It also leaves him wanting more. He’s used to being listened to, and Jesse hasn’t given him the time of day.

Instead of discouraging Scott, though, this just makes him want to get to know the fiery redhead more. 

He has a feeling that he’s going to be needing a lot of coffee…