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Body Talk is Available in Paperback

I hired her to get naked for my yoga studio… now I want her naked for me! Who would have thought an ex-SEAL like me would open a yoga studio? Before I can offer classes, I need a sexy instructor who can follow my lead. No attachments, just someone who is a true professional.  …That was until Whitney walked into my studio. She was smart, funny and fu$king sexy – a combination that will tempt any man. If the throbbing in my pants is any indication, I was no exception to that temptation. Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing. You know what, maybe she’s the one? The one I don’t want to share and ever let go of. But there are dangers that lurk from my past…an unsettled score that could ruin us. Issues in the past or not, I’m used to getting what I want.  She will be mine.