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NEW RELEASE: My Protector

S#xy Firefighter’s Second Chance at Love…

People in town say that my reputation is too hot to handle. 

What the fu#k do they know?
They see a chiseled firefighter with a heart of ash and a Texas sized trail of women left behind.

What they don’t see are my feelings for Jenna.
It was her that I always wanted.
Not the on-again, off-again fake a$$ plastic blonde that I can’t seem to shake.
Beautiful. Smart. S#xy. It was Jenna all along.

This time, I won’t let anything get in the way.
Not my ego.
Not my immature fu#k-ups that cost our relationship the first time.

It would be so easy for her to skip town.
She could leave the family’s debt and bull$hit for good. 
I’lll stop at nothing to change her mind. 

I’ll prove my love for her and our baby.