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She’s off limits.
She’s un-touched and my assistant.
I’m Dagger Braun though. I’m used to getting what I want.
Even if it means risking it all to make her mine. 

Who would have thought an ex-SEAL like me would open a yoga studio?

Before I can offer classes, I need a talented instructor who can follow my lead. 

No attachments. Just someone who is professional. 

That was until Whitney walked into my studio…

She was smart, funny and gorgeous – a combination that will tempt any man. 

The throbbing in my pants proves I’m no exception to that temptation. 

Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing. 

Each time I see her, all I want is for her to submit to me…mind, body, and soul.

You know what, maybe she’s the one? 

The one I don’t want to share and ever let go of. 

But a dangerous, unsettled score from my past could ruin our only chance at real love. 

Despite all odds, I am determined to make her mine!