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???? New Release! One Hot Doctor! ????


A lot has changed in the 7 years since I saw Ava…

Yes, I’m still the only son to billionaire parents.
And yes, I’m a doctor now who seems to have women blog about my looks every time I do a TV interview.
But Ava’s despair runs deep.
Her arrogant, abusive fiance makes me f*cken sick.
He belittles her and won’t let her speak her own mind. 

This jack*ss deserves an *ss kicking and I’d love to give him one. 
Heck, even her mother has turned her into a lifeless doll.
To h*ll with them.   
Underneath her fragile exterior, I can see she has so much more to offer.
Ava and I belong together.
I knew it then and I know it now.
I’m the only one that can rescue her from this mess.
I’ll stop at nothing to protect my family and our baby.

But how can I heal Ava’s deepest scar if I’m the one who left it?