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Holiday on the beaches of sunny Greece? Check.
Time with a gorgeous wealthy hunk? Check.
Thinking that my hot billionaire chapter ended after leaving Greece? Check again!

All I wanted was to feel the sun on my face and sand in my toes.
I wasn’t looking to mess around.
I didn’t even ask for his name.
But those rock hard abs and chiseled body are hard to resist.

That was the end of that.
Or so I thought.…
Until I saw my dreamy-eyed hottie with his wry smile back in LA.
My new next door neighbor…Liam.
Jaw, meet floor. Floor, meet jaw.

But there’s a reason why he’s back in my life.
He’s confident. He’s reckless.
And he’s trapped.
In building an empire controlled by his family.

It’s okay though.
Nothing like a fake engagement to take the pressure off.
But what happens when this pretend arrangement becomes real love?